Like every important stage in life, we often have a picture in our mind about what retirement should look like and how it should feel.

For some of us, it’s about being surrounded by grandkids and for others it’s about getting to pursue interests we’ve always wanted to but have never had the time to enjoy.

But what happens when we get to retirement and it isn’t quite how we imagined it to be? Maybe we’ve lost a partner or just never found the right one. Maybe our children and their families live further away than we’d like or are so busy with their own lives that finding regular time to spend together is difficult.

Maybe your home just feels a little bigger and quieter than it did before. And maybe this whole ‘retirement’ thing isn’t as easy as we first thought. We thought we’d worry less and relax more but with the size of the garden, the cost of rates and home maintenance, it’s hard not to worry.

And it’s these feelings that are often the start of some important realisations, especially when you’re on your own.

Regardless of how much we enjoy our own company and feel comforted by the nostalgia we feel as we wander around the home we’ve lived in for years, it’s hard not to wonder whether we’d be happier if life was a bit louder, more social, more simple.

As we grow older, our home can feel like one of few sources of security left, holding treasured memories from the life we’ve led so far.

But what if there is a way to downsize to a bigger life? One where you are surrounded by people that ‘get’ you and have the freedom to enjoy the retirement you imagined for yourself.

Sound good? Then maybe it’s time to start thinking about retirement living.

Take the ‘Am I Ready for Retirement Living Quiz’ and find out today.

The great news is, the traditional notions of retirement living have changed. In fact, with the emergence of modern, luxury retirement communities like The Avenue Maroochydore, retirement living has become a lifestyle of choice for over 65s with endless opportunities for fun, new friendships, the joy of community and freedom from the responsibilities of a larger home.

So, have you been putting off your next move? Apartment-style independent living offers so many benefits so here’s why you shouldn’t…

1. Community

Imagine living in a community where you are surrounded by like-minded people, in a similar stage of life, who you can share your experiences with.

We know that as you grow older, it’s easy to feel a bit disconnected from the world around you. Yes, you make the time to see your friends when you can, but the few days (or weeks) between those dates in the calendar can feel surprisingly long when you’re pottering about at home on your own.

That’s why life in a retirement village is so attractive for retirees seeking out friendships and good times. Unsurprisingly, feeling part of a connected community where you are around friends who have the time to chat and socialise is one of the big things over-65s love about retirement living.

That, and the fabulous facilities on offer like heated pools, gyms, wine rooms and cafes.

Often in retirement communities there are also heaps of organised activities and communal spaces for you and your neighbours to enjoy, but the really wonderful thing is that you have the option to do as much or as little as you like.

2. Lifestyle and Convenience

Nowadays, downsizing to a retirement community does not mean downgrading.

Choosing the retirement living lifestyle means you’ll be able to relax and enjoy life while the Village Manager and their team take care of any maintenance needed and always keep the gardens looking their best.

If you’d still love to get your hands a little dirty though, villages like The Avenue Maroochydore often have a Market Garden where you can grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

And if you’d rather spend time out and about…there’s plenty to do in local to these villages as well. Often nestled right in the heart of some of Brisbane’s best suburbs close to shops restaurants and other local amenities, you’re still able to frequent all the places you love to visit.

The reality is, many retirement communities feel more like resorts but with the safety, security and fun of a local community.

So once you’re settled in, you can start really ticking off your bucket list with the freedom to ‘lock and leave’ your property when you go on holiday with full confidence that it will be secure and well looked after while you are away.

3. Flexibility

Unlike your family home, the apartments in retirement communities have been built with you in mind.

This means that every detail, including the age appropriate design features, are already in place to suit your needs not only now, but well into the future.

That’s no more steep stairs or difficult doorways, but the assurance that your home will remain accessible and comfortable, even if your health or mobility changes as time goes by.

At communities such as The Avenue Maroochydore, there is also an established care continuum in place to allow you to better plan for the future.

Starting with an onsite Village Manager, who is on call 24/7, should you need their assistance, you know you will be well looked after at any time of day.

And if you start to need a little extra help? There’s supportive and adaptive on-demand in-home support services to assist with everything from cleaning, to personal care to companionship.

Then – as in the case of The Avenue Maroochydore – there are co-located Aged Care facilities just across the road, so that if your circumstances were to change and you required a higher level of care, you can simply move across the village and be supported by caring nursing and medical staff.

Find out whether Retirement Living is right for you and take the ‘Am I Ready for Retirement Living Quiz’ today.

4. Affordability and Efficiency

Say goodbye to home maintenance and repair!

We know that freedom from home maintenance and repair becomes more and more attractive as you grow older and you’re not quite as nimble or enthusiastic about climbing ladders or gardening on your knees for hours.

The idea of fixing unanticipated and often costly problems that occur in the home can be the cause of significant stress.

By making the move to an independent living retirement community, you’re freeing yourself from the responsibility of a private property and leaving everything in the capable hands of a skilled Village Manager.

Considering the possibilities?

Of course you are – because retirement was supposed to be relaxing…and sometimes it doesn’t quite turn out to be!

Want to know if retirement living would suit your lifestyle? Take the ‘Am I Ready for Retirement Living Quiz’ and find out today.

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